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By PaisleyJade - Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have always felt like a bit of a "tom boy" growing up. My favourite colour was yellow (I couldn't really stand pink), my only sibling was my big brother, so I have heaps of memories of playing with 'boy toys'... armies, star wars figurines, Asterix comics, and borrowing his surfie labelled clothing... oh, and I so remember his action man with the fuzzy hair and moving eyes - that was really cool!

Anyway, for some reason I didn't quite feel like I fitted in with the "girly groups" at school and even as a mum I never was really into coffee groups... that was until last year.

Last year we had our little "surprise" number 4 come along, and a lot of friends at church were finally starting to have their own kids, and there was a need for a coffee group of some sort... so we started "Young Mums" coffee group, and would you believe I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

We get together twice monthly (alternate between hiring out a playcentre and hiring out a party room at a cafe) and today was one of those days!

I have really enjoyed making new friends, drinking good coffee and eating yum food, and having support and encouragement in my role as a mother, wife and Christian. My girls have loved it too! We have also had a couple of special event nights... a pamper night (my first ever experience with a beautician!) and a chocolate night (chocolate fondue etc). Mother's so need pampering every now and then - and they also need friends to talk to about toilet training, bedwetting, tantrums and all the other mothery conversations that mums have!

So to all you mums out there - especially those of you with phobia's towards 'coffee groups', give it a go, you might be pleasently surprised!

And if you live in Whangarei, New Zealand... let me know, you are so welcome to come along to ours!

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  1. Oh they are so awesome aren't they! I have a couple - one church one (more a connect group now) and today caught up with a few antenatal girls (4 years on) which we do randomly. I love my connect group - the support, pray, friendship is wonderful. The kids love the play too!
    P.S. I may in Whangerei in August would love to meet you if we can swing it. My husband is a northland boy (Ruakaka) and we have a function to go to....

  2. Our antenatal group never got organised to keep in touch which was a shame. Hey - that would be cool to catch up!

  3. Anonymous5:13 pm

    hi im nt sur if i write this here but i am 19 and live rural to whangarei....i hav a 19 month old son and am 16 weeks pregnant with baby 2 i dont know anyone at all in the area and really want to get out and meet some people....i was wondering if there were any coffee groups or anything in whangarei because i would love to attend something
    thanx heaps desiree

  4. Hey Desiree... keen as to get you some details about a coffee group I run or others maybe in your area... email me at so I can get in touch.


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