Poor Little Softie

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, May 15, 2008

Latest little softie... nearly got thrown away (due to a few mistakes and wierd body shape)... but then I had a bit of compassion come over me and decided to give it a home on our bed.

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  1. It's very cute though, I like it's face.

  2. It is a cutie. Do you follow a pattern or do you make it up?

  3. I have a basic pattern but I think something went wrong with this one!

  4. Anonymous11:57 pm

    awww adorable.
    I was reading a sewing techniques book form the library and the author stated that she always waited at least one day before ripping a seam, in case the "blemish" turned into a "feature"!

    I so want to sew more. Now to find the time.


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