By PaisleyJade - Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tiffany's is a little coffee shop down two sets of stairs. It has been around since the dawn of time... and probably has exactly the same decor as the day it first opened. Modern cafes fill our city now, and yet, Tiffany's is still going strong.

My hubby calls it "The Dungeon", and I can sort of see why... the ceiling is black, the walls are a dark maroon colour, and it is hidden under other shops... but the food is great... and the memories are strong!

I remember as a little girl, going with my Mum to Tiffany's. I remember the excitement of going out to a coffee shop, the delicious smells, the vast assortment of cakes, pastries and savouries, and especially the colourful sodas... especially the Pink Panther!

My mother as a young girl used to also visit there with her mother, and believe it or not, my Nana and Great Grandmother were also frequent visitors to Tiffany's - apparently it was "the place to go" back in their day.

It is amazing how many of my friends also have memories of going to Tiffany's with their mothers, and believe it or not, my hubby remembers going there with his Mum... and he remembers the club sandwiches!

Well, I decided to keep the tradition alive last year, and took the girls out (dragged Mandrake along too). A week or so later, I also took the boys along after school... each of them picking a soda and something to eat... and now they all talk fondly of "Tiffany's" too. So much so that Miss 4 decided that she wanted to meet there with family for morning tea on her birthday. So cute.

I wonder if Tiffany's will still be going strong when Miss 4 has her own children oneday... you never know!

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  1. I can't believe this place is still going. I went there when I was a little girl with my parents when we'd drive into the city from the farm. Then when we moved to Whangas we continued to go there. It was always so strange going downstairs into the dark but it's always busy and the food is good! I so must visit again when I'm next over!

  2. Haha - I thought you may have! We should go together next time you are over!

  3. thats so true! mum has great memories of tiffanys too... i must say kristy, i absolutely love ur blog! the pics are awesome and i can see why everybody thinks ur a great mum :) keep up the great work

  4. Awwwwww - thanks Rach!


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