Happy Mother's Day!

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just wanting to send my love out to all the mothers on this special day - and also to women in general, whether you are a mother or not... there are so many aunties, sisters, grandmothers and females in general who are touching others with their nurturing hearts, encouraging words, gifts of time, energy and talents... you are so appreciated!

I awoke this morning to 4 little darlings on my bed... the two boys had made mother's day cards at school which were precious... one with coupons that I will definately use! Mandrake did buy me a mother's day present... 3 weeks ago! Apparently he got in a panic on the way home from work one night (thinking Mother's day was going to fall on the weekend he was away running a youth camp) so came home laden with gifts. Thank you darling... you are so thoughtful!

Today my Mum organised a Mother's day afternoon tea at her house, with my Nana and Aunty and families attending. It was a wonderful time... too much food (as always) and heaps of laughs. I promised them I wouldn't post pictures of us all on my blog, so instead, here is one with my awesome son, and another of my Butterfly Cakes, made especially for our yummy afternoon tea... I have never made Butterfly Cakes before, so am really pleased with how they turned out.

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