Mr Bean Night

By PaisleyJade - Monday, May 26, 2008

Our family decided it was time for another family themed dinner, as things have been pretty busy lately and we all needed to have a fun night together. Miss 4 picked the Mr Bean card and I sighed a sigh of relief when I realised that meant cooking baked beans for dinner - yay!

The kids enjoyed brushing their hair to the side and tucking their shirts into their pants. There was a bit of a flurry of action when we had a knock at the door from our pastor's wife... my jeans were hoisted right up high and my hair had about 3 lovely fluffy clips holding it to the side! Ha ha.

It is so important to regroup as a family and do things out of the ordinary every once in a while, relax together and have some fun.

We must do it again soon!

See here for more of our fun themed meals!!

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  1. Anonymous11:58 pm

    What a fabulous idea!! hehe Mr Bean!

  2. haha. very cool idea. We've just started with a family night. Supposed to be once a week, but is proving a bit of a stretch.

  3. I find that once a month for special family nights is easier... although we hadn't done one for ages! A "Mr Bean" night is pretty easy to do though!

  4. You're such an awesome Mum Kristy! Such an inspiration in so many ways!
    When I start poppin em out, I know who I'll come to for ideas :D


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