By PaisleyJade - Friday, January 24, 2014

The school holidays are nearly over, and I've loved every moment of them this year (well, just about).  On Tuesday we will be back into routine, which is nice, but I'm going to miss the slow pace of the holidays, the late nights playing board games with the kids and trips exploring our area.

Here are some of the things I've been loving...

Loving Northland and our beaches - we are truly blessed here.

Loving teaching this girl how to bake.  We've been a bit slow off the mark with not having a decent kitchen for years, but now that we have, she's doing so well (especially wearing her great great grandmother's paisley apron!).

Loved hanging with this guy - we never get sick of each other (miracle aye!)...

Love getting mail - I've been waiting for a quiet moment to be able to devour this book!  These girls from A Beautiful Mess are so inspirational.

I've loved all the weddings that have been happening the last few months.  This one was set in such a beautiful surrounding - so much so that Symon and I took advantage of the location...

Check out this lovely cake a lady from our church (Keri) made.  Love the rustic look and colour...

So thankful for good friends.  These three grown adults were absolutely whipped by our two boys the other night at a game of Halo.  Poor things.  On the up side, Stephen (on the left) and Matt (on the right) both have amazing blogs that you need to check out: www.stephengarton.com and www.mattguddat.com

Finally, loving getting into cross stitch again.  This is a Star Wars one - so many awesome patterns available on Etsy now..

Hope you've enjoyed your holidays as much as I have.


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  1. back to school YUSS!

  2. Oh I did so love your Northland beaches too - we were there exactly one year ago this week! What a fantastic wedding location, and I must look out for some Star Wars cross-stitch - that's one crafty thing that this usually non-needle gal can actually manage!

  3. Good job baking to your daughter! Those cookies look great!

    Star wars cross stitch patterns??? do I dare look? They will be in demand if my 5 yr old sees... Don't think I have time for that yet! lol

    That wedding cake looks great! So simplistic after all the fancy ones you see, & I just love that about it. Looks like a beautiful setting for a wedding too! & your pics are great!

  4. Love your list and yes northland is incredible xx

  5. Love northland! Love living here!! That cake is awesome!! And I can't wait to see your finished star wars cross stitch!

  6. I love Northland too!!
    And that cake - wow, possibly the prettiest wedding cake Ive ever seen! love it!


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