Auckland Road Trippin

By PaisleyJade - Friday, January 10, 2014

We went on a bit of a road trip yesterday.  When you've got 4 kids, road trips end up being the cheaper option to going on flash holidays away overseas or to other parts of the country.  We totally dig road trips, and make sure we can squeeze in as much fun as possible when we do go on one.

Yesterday's road trip was to Auckland, and was all about the kids.

We had a picnic lunch when we arrived, then explored Queen Street - things on the to do list in Queen Street included seeing the creepy Santa in real life (although he is a lot less creepy now that he doesn't have a winking eye and beckoning finger), checking out the gaming shops/comic shops (that was on the boys list, not ours),  looking at the Russian doll shop, Starbucks, Typo (on my list of course) and generally just feeling like a group of country bumpkins in the big smoke (who got a bit caught in the middle of a fist fight between two homeless people at one point too!).

Awesome Symon decided to shout the kids to Kelly Tarlton's - they haven't been there for a while and since we have some major animal lovers in our family, it was a massive hit!  Symon and the boys love sharks, and our youngest is obsessed with penguins.

As you can see, she was in penguin heaven...

We finished off our day by taking the kids to a flash restaurant for dinner.  An anonymous person had gifted our family some restaurant vouchers to treat ourselves with.  We felt so flash - we hardly ever all go out to a restaurant as a family, so it was such a blessings and one of the highlights of the day for the kids (whoever you are, thank you sooooooo much!).

Road trips rock!

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  1. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Sounds like a fun day!

  2. Looked and sounded fabulous xxx

  3. What fun....and fancy restaurants gifted by annon's even better.


  4. Such a cool idea!

  5. love road trips, family days out and your family craziness in particular! Love that somebody shouted you to dinner too!!

  6. one of these days we will both make it past Auckland family in tow! Other than that trip to christchurch..I have been past auckland 7 years ago!


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