Blackboard Container Labels

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I use some of my grandmother's retro containers in my kitchen for storing my flour, icing sugar and other baking items.  They've never had proper labels, only some make-do ones I had stuck on with washi tape (they didn't last very long at all).

Thanks to the leftover blackboard paint from our Kitchen Renovation, and some inspirational images via Pinterest, I decided to make my own little blackboard labels for some of my kitchen containers.

Here's the process (with the helping and somewhat hairy hand of my amazing hubby)...

Select the containers/jars you want to label and make sure the outsides are clean and dry...

Tape up the shape you would like to paint on (or you could use a stencil or free hand if you are extra fancy)...

Paint on the blackboard paint and let dry in between coats (we did 3 coats).  There are some amazing coloured blackboard paints available now too, from places like Typo.

Once the paint has dried, peel off your masking tape and grab your chalk and label away!

I love my chalkboard paint labels!!

For more "How To" ideas, go here.

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  1. Ellymay2:36 pm

    Well done the pair of you, pretty amazing. x x x

  2. oooh have been meaning to do this for quite a while with my spices (in recycled pasta sauce jars)!


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