Weekending It!

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, February 24, 2013

We were super spoiled this weekend when my Dad and Mum decided to shout our whole family out to dinner at Gengy's!

Being a family of six, going out together for a meal doesn't happen that often (fish & chips or pizza is about the extent of a flash family meal for us), so we were all rather excited.

We had tonnes of fun creating our own meals for the chefs to cook, something the kids thoroughly enjoyed as well.

Watching the flames go up as someone's birthday was celebrated.

The staff were so friendly - so much so that Symon and I thought the ladies knew my mum personally as they referred to her fondly by her first name, and mentioned how much we look alike (mum assured us that no, she didn't know them personally, but they recognised her from when she was last there a couple of weeks before for an anniversary celebration).

Yay for Gengy's!!

p.s. Thanks so much Mum & Dad!!

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  2. They ARE super friendly! Great customer service makes such a massive difference

  3. LOVE Gengy's!! It's so much easier when you can choose what goes into your meal!!

  4. Oh man, we go there often so they remember us too! lol Its our kids place of choice when they get to choose where we are going to eat out. The lovely women there spoil Kendyl like crazy (think asher gets a bit jealous actually). They give her a "birthday desert plate" all decorated even when its not her birthday.... they even light the flames for her...(embarrassing) I love the pics of the kids on the wall... gorgeous!

  5. fwarrrr looks delish! Loving the street art rock climbing wall thingummy - that's very cool


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