By PaisleyJade - Friday, February 01, 2013

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening
in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

A list of loving, Instagram styles...

Loving Boo, our sweet and super tolerable dog...

Love my big kid - although it sometimes feels like I'm looking after 5 kids, he's the love of my life and super fun to live with (p.s. after this photo was taken, he got himself stuck)...

And look at this - he's also getting pretty clever when it comes to taking naps...

Loving the fact that my broken kettle was still under warranty, which meant it was replaced with this flash baby (please note: the jug was not hot when I kissed it - children, do not kiss jugs without parental supervision)...

Loving finding these retro recipe cards for a super sweet bargain.  I've been looking for some for ages for my recipe tin - woohoo!

Loving that for now, my painting jobs are over.  We still have a front porch & steps and back shed to paint - but I'm leaving that up to the big guy to sort for now (I've done my dash ;)

Loving making my kids lunches fun (but only for the girls... the boys probably wouldn't appreciate this).

Loving that my parents stumbled upon one of my late brother's paintings for sale in a thrift store. Such a precious find, especially since we don't have too many of his originals for ourselves (he was such a generious guy that gave them all away to friends)...

Finally, loving that the New Zealand blogger get together in Christchurch is all go, and a massive group of us blogging friends are going to be staying together for the weekend.  I know it's going to be a tonne of fun I tell you!  If you're interested in attending the weekend, go here (spaces are filling up fast).

Yes, so much to love - join in with other people's loving here.

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  1. A wonderful list of things indeed!

  2. I still love that thrift store find. I didnt realise he did so many. Your mum must've been stoked! It could be your dads next hobbie...
    hehe...dont kiss hot jugs.
    PS. I dont think I need those recipe cards lol ;)

  3. I have never wanted a dog as a pet but Boo makes me want one!! he is totally a cool dog.
    Love the painting of your brother's and love even more that your parents found it.
    And one cool jug!

  4. Boo sure is long suffering - that mask pic cracks me up. Oh and ha ha to Simon getting stuck on that kiddy dolphin thing - I can totally see how that would happen. Love love love that your parents found your brother's painting - so special! xx

  5. I love your Boo too! We are on the hunt for a staffy atm! And fun lunchbox egg ideas! :)

  6. Oh, I love Boo!! Tee hee, had a good chuckle about your hubby getting stuck on the see-saw thingy, and the clever nap-hiding.


  7. will Boo be there???
    if so
    I am coming!!!
    the bloggey gathering sounds like fun....too bad my motor boat is broken down : (

    love and light


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