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By PaisleyJade - Friday, February 15, 2013

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening
in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

Here's a wee bit of loving from my week, Instagram styles...

Loving my Valentine, my buddy, best friend and shenanigans partner...

Even if he does wear 3D glasses over top of his normal glasses as well as clip on shades on top of that...

Spot the 80's ear piercings!

Loving Miss Becky-Boo and her amazing giving heart - she finds the most adorable gifts to brighten up my day, like this Queen icecream scoop!  Thanks Becky!!

 Loving that I am becoming quite good at sewing rat hammocks (ahem)...

Loving fluro sheep, even if Symon wasn't convinced that we needed some at our front door...

Loving my hammock, but not the heavy breathing that I hear every time I am in it...

Loving finding our princess fast asleep on her birthday eve like this...

Birthday morning!

Loving typo notebooks!!

Loving fresh coconut milk.  Mmmmmmmm!!

And finally, loving the amazing priviledge of being on the panel at the first ever bloggers conference/get-together in Christchurch this April!!

Yes, so much to love - join in with other people's loving here.

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  1. rat hammock? I thought I'd seen it all x

    I heart typo.. major love

  2. You do the best self portrait photos - love them

  3. Ha - love the photo of you giving Boo the evils and your wee gal sleeping with her sunnies on - hilarious! I'm thinking the fluoro sheep would have been a hard sell too. Have a great weekend xx

  4. ♥ loving the loving♥

  5. Awesome shot of Boo and you! (and I would have bought the fluro sheep too)

  6. I would have bought the fluro sheep too! And the pic of you and Boo made me laugh out loud - perfect!

  7. Anonymous10:59 am

    No Blood for Israel. Baaaaaah!


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