We are family (sing it with me!)

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, February 07, 2013

I sooooooo love my family - and that includes the brilliant family that I've married into.

The last week has been filled with some super fun family moments.  

Last weekend was my niece's baby show in Auckland - the perfect chance for a road trip with my sister-in-law, mum-in-law and other niece, Aimee.

The baby shower was lovely - check out the cute nibbles!

Alex is going to make such a fabulous mum (and I'm not just saying that because she gave me some of her delicious coffee while I was down there).

 I think Alex really liked the softie I gave her...

Thanks Aimee for taking this fabulous photo!!

We also had the coolest surprise (well, a surprise for my kids) visit from my nephew in Australia. He's a lovely young guy who my kids adore (plus he does some killer card tricks).

Yes, family is so precious.  Love my family.

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  1. Nothing better than family time celebrating over a new baby! And I love all of the food! Those cupcake look amazing! The grapefruit cheese head is too cute!

  2. i was just thinking that myself yesterday as we gathered to celebrate the birthdays that fall in january and february...our family is getting so big and so busy we are going to do a bi-monthly celebration. and boy did we celebrate!! we had a 'quiche off' and lots and lots of sweets! macaron tower, cheesecake, citrus tart, choclate slice, gluten free treats and more!! the best part was watching my great nephew be the centre of attention and totally lapping it up, so cute!
    i love the party treats, how clever!
    have a great valentines week. xxrosey


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