Road Trippin

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, January 19, 2013

We love a good road trip - apart from going somewhere different as a family, it's a chance for Symon and I to usually hold a good conversation in the front of the car while we drive, without too many inturruptions.  There was the occasional, "stop him from singing to the music" or "I'm feeling like I'm going to be sick" shrilled at us from the back of the car, but for the most of it we were in the blissful land of uninterrupted grown up talk.

This road trip took us to the cute and slightly retro town of Dargaville (Northland, New Zealand). Dargaville is a small town with amazing second hand (thrift) stores.  We had heard about a few boxes of comics hidden away in one of them, and let's just say that the boys hit a gold mine!

Ship playground - pretty cool!

Symon planking - only noticed the sign (bottom left) after taking this - hehe

I also was so thankful that Symon thought of me when he discovered this amazing cake plate (Old Foley, Staffordshire, England).  Beautiful and just begging to be laden with cupcakes and biscuits.

We had a tonne of fun and will definitely be making a trip there again sometime, not only to scout out the thrift stores, but also enjoy some of the other sights and places.


We ♥ Dargaville (especially the old tram house and boat house)

Looking forward to more holiday road trips with the family sometime soon.

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  1. Cool i love your perspective of Dargaville!!
    I love the op shops there too!

  2. Tell me where they are I must go to them... please...

  3. awesome photos!!
    I want to visit the op shops too!! Might need to take a road trip out there myself!

  4. We love road trips too. So good

  5. Cute pics especially the top one!

  6. Looks like fun and great finds. I love road trips for talking time too and lingering over a take away coffee. Cx

  7. Looks like a fab day out! Love your cake plate (so pretty!!) and the photo of the four kids at the end! Was reading your eldest's shirt and then realized what it said - hehe!

  8. Well I got a new perspective/view of Dargaville on Saturday night too... our band played up at the Lighthouse/Museum for a wedding there, and boy was it beautiful.... I will never call it "Drag-aville" or Darga-hole" again... :) xx
    Man your kiddies are growing up arent they xxx

  9. Awesome Pics PJ!
    Love your gorgeous family

  10. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Hi there,
    Was just curious to know more about the tram house. Was this down Coates Ave?

  11. Anonymous1:46 am

    Was this tram house out by Baylys Beach?

    1. Mt Wesley road opposite Museum entrance


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