On beach trips, mermaids and grizzly kids...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, January 11, 2013

I sympathise with pack horses.  I know what it's like to walk laden down with a large burden, in our case, all manner of beachy things, food, sun creams, towels and everything thing else needed for a beach trip and also be expected to climb up steep bush tracks while holding your little ones hand in search of the Mermaid Pool.

Let's start again.

A couple of days ago we went out as a family on a bit of a beach trip/adventure.  The guys were keen to try out their Christmas snorkelling sets, and us girls were keen to swim, build sand castles and get rid of the blinding white glow on mummy's legs.

Symon and I had both been snorkelling in the beautiful Mermaid Pool a few times in our younger years, but sadly the old path to it (through a rock tunnel) had collapsed, so for many years no one had been able to get access to it.  We heard that a new path had been made, so set out on our little adventure with our family.

Let's just say that the track was a lot longer and steeper than we had anticipated.  Fine for the average person - but for a family of six in their slippery jandals?  Hmmmmm - lots of fun.

After walking up the steep track, the path got easier and we were able to appreciate the beautiful bush of NZ, and then were met with this breathtaking view...

We finally arrived at the mermaid pool! We did find a smaller pool first which Symon thought was the mermaid pool, but after asking for directions (fist pump babe for being a guy who asked for directions) we walked a few meters more and found the real one...

The snorkelling was awesome, and while the guys had fun exploring the pool, us girls sat in the smaller warm pools and held starfish, cats eyes and wondered where all the mermaids were.

It was a wonderful time.

And just in case you thought it was all fun and laughter and happy days playing in the sun, I thought I'd give you a secret peek into the NORMAL and very average day of the Drake household, just so you know our trips and life isn't all perfect and sunny and all full of rainbow cakes...

There is usually someone crying about something (oh, and Symon usually dislocates his shoulder here and there as well to add to the drama... only did it once on this trip thankfully).

So there you have it - a fun, crazy, happy, grizzly, dislocated-shouldery type trip to the beach.

Loved it.

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  1. That beach looks amazing! I have serious beach envy after seeing some such beautiful ones all over blogland lately.
    you guys are awesome
    and pssst
    Natio fake tan ALL the way, loving my "brown glow" this summer ;) ;)

  2. That rock pool looks amazing! I love your keeping it real run down too. Sounds so familiar. Hope you keep enjoying your summer break. Cx

  3. Oh I know that track all too well, Kristy! I am impressed your whole family made it over. Special memories ;)

  4. Coolness! Gotta love the Mermaid Pools! Must try that new track sometime (maybe minus the kids if that's at all possible! haha) xo


  5. I wanna go! Not sure about taking my grizzlers along for a few more year though!

  6. Beautiful! Many years since I've been.
    And yay for keeping it real... We had whinging and tears at Dusneyland!! The happiest place on earth!!! Go figure!

  7. ha that is awesome - gotta love those tantrums that make you start to question your own reason for doing anything fun. looks like a great day

  8. gorgeous gorgeous rockpool and beach! Oh and hey, I know just how you feel about the packhorse thing and the grizzly moany thing! I'm just clicking to the fact that getting the kids to pack their own beach back and (ahem) carry it there and back is the way to simpler days out!

  9. What a beautiful mermaid pool. I have to admit I love the beach but I groan at the amount of things we have to carry onto the sand to keep the kids happy (sigh). But, then that smile of delight because we have that bucket or surfboard or chip sandwich or cool bottle of water or dress to wear after swimming or... :)

  10. It's been so long since we've seen the sun over here it was so lovely to feel the warmth coming from your beautiful pictures!

    Love the fact that your youngest was complaining because her brother was singing too loudly - so funny :0)


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