By PaisleyJade - Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm not really one to go on about my fitness reigeme (or lack of it) in public places like my blog (but hey, taking photos of my husband napping is fine ;), but if you are a follower on instagram, you may have noticed my recent burst of running photos since the day after Boxing day.

Yep, I've jumped on the "mileaday" instagram bandwagon and am so glad I have.

Although fitness isn't probably the easiest way to loose weight (monitoring food intake is the answer people!) it definitely makes me feel better, and also helps me to look at the delicious cupcake in front of me and think "this baby is about X amount of torture on that treadmill running".  

If you are feeling low, sluggish or just wanting to trim back some of that Christmas-coat you're wearing, how about joining in with me, jogging/walking/whatever a mile a day (that's about 1.6km) and only takes around 10 minutes to jog.

I've been doing it on my treadmill and (shock horror) found out a few days ago that the mileage thingy was not accurate and I was actually doing 2 miles a day!  Here I was thinking I was the slowest person in the world taking 20 minutes to jog a mile!

I'd also highly recommend this app for android/iphone users.  Fabulous way to make you aware of what you are actually eating, it's easy to use and on special at the moment (plus there a free version if you want to give it a trial).

I didn't notice much difference until I starting using the Noom app and monitoring what I was eating... cause jogging while shovelling down Christmas leftovers doesn't usually get that great a result.

You can do it people!

p.s. and if you can't exercise, I'd still recommend the Noom app for food intake awareness!
p.p.s. Symon is thinking of starting his own instagram hashtag, #milewhenever... not quite sure when he's going to start it though.

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  1. Well done PJ. My trainer said losing weight is 30% about the exercise and 70% about the nutrition, so you're on to it there...unfortunately :-/

  2. Go Kristy, that's so cool! Keep it up!

  3. Well done pj! Am having a look at that app now. Feeling very podgy!

  4. Yay you...I am so enjoying these updates via IG and all the hilarious pictures and hashtags - the one with Boo is my favourite so far, keep up the great work, eek not long now till I get to see you...excited much! :-)

  5. My Fitness Pal is another great app! It is so important to track intake of calories, fat, sugar, and protein. :)


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