Oh Northland, I love you!

By PaisleyJade - Monday, January 28, 2013

Today is Northland Anniversary Day - the perfect day to celebrate the beautiful place that we live.

We needed to pick up something early this morning, so turned our pick-up trip into a beach trip with the family.

The girls had a swim and played in the sand while the guys went for a snorkel...

Then there was a bit of wrestling in the water.  A certain teenager is getting rather strong now, and the fact he was wearing a snorkel and mask probably wasn't to Symon's advantage.

And of course, what would a beach trip be without someone trying to run on water...

Funny guys!

The kids are back to school tomorrow, so to top off an awesome morning and a not so fab afternoon (I painted the house all afternoon) we had a bit of a fun family dinner... nachos, corn on a stick smothered with sour cream and watched Nacho Libre!  Fun times all round - "Get that corn outta my face!".

Love Northland, love my family, and love that school is back tomorrow.  Woohoo!!

To see more of our fun family meals, go here. 

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  1. best weather evvver this weekend!! x

  2. oh Northland, you rock... as does school going back (1 more day of holidays for us)

  3. Love that last beach pick of the 3 boys! Super cool!

  4. Ours go back on Wednesday yippie!!!
    Makes me feel so normal to see the wrestling boys even though it normally drives me nuts that they always start doing it as I'm serving up dinner.

  5. We had a great day today!! :) Glad you enjoyed the last day of holidays... ours dont go back til the 7th!!

  6. Looks like a fun day out, what beach were you at? I can safely say I LOVE Northland too now :-)


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