You make beautiful things...

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We are nearing the middle of two weeks of school holidays, and I'm still searching for my burst of  motherhood inspiration.

Creativity has been at it's all time low lately, biscuits baked have either been flat or burnt, and promises of fun play dates and trips have been cut short by sickness or bad weather.

Yup, the motherhood blues have been hitting me hard as I struggle to assure myself that's it's okay to just do nothing sometimes... that these seasons do come... and they do go.

This year has been a tough one, with various painful moments to journey through... sometimes there doesn't seem to be a moment to catch a breath before another struggle arises.  But the strange thing is that in the midst of the struggles there has also been amazing moments too, some of them brought about by the banding together of the family during the tough times.

Struggles are the best way to grow stronger, just like pressure builds muscles.

Being silly and having fun despite how you feel also really helps.

So I'm just taking a moment to be real and honest here (in a very 'round a bout' way)... although the biscuits are flat or burned and there hasn't been much going on around here, we are doing it together as a family, even during the dull and boring moments, with the knowledge that the sun will shine again up ahead (and the baking will be more successful too). 

Also loving the fact (and I know it's a fact that I can totally rely on) that God makes beautiful things out of dust, beautiful things out of us...


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  1. oh yes, I know how those days, weeks, months go! Lots of love to you PJ. Glad to hear that the fun moments are mixed in among the burnt biscuits and sickness.

  2. Much love to you precious lady.
    I love how you can always see through the hard times to brighter times ahead. You are an inspiration.

  3. love to you PJ. Have thought of you alot lately. You're awesome and by far the most coolest family EVER. Take care my Friend xo

  4. Even superman was Clark Kent most of the time - sitting at a desk, meeting deadlines, shuffling paper.... big love to you and yours you are right in the centre of where you should be, truly you really, really are xxx

  5. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing a lot of rough patches on your journey at the moment - your courage and positive outlook and complete trust in God is wonderful and an inspiration. I hope the road starts to smooth out for you really soon. Thanks for sharing here, I'm encouraged by reading this xx

  6. Chin up! Winter holidays are truly the most difficult to get everything right! Remember, you just don't need to get it all right all the time!!! Glad to read you still manage to have fun.
    Love to you
    Jaz xx

  7. beautiful song! just what i needed today . thank you

  8. thanks for being real. sounds like our year too :/ love that song. oh, lord make me beautiful! forgive me for resisting!!!
    a sister in christ.. all the way from oregon. i really need to visit nz someday! blessings!!

  9. love it - sometimes the baking turns out yucky, but never mind aye?
    That's just LIFE.
    Love your honesty PJ.
    As always

  10. Yep...feeling exactly the same as you at the moment....not getting to enjoy any real down time in the school holidays, feeling shattered, sick and just barely getting through each day at the mo. Thanks for sharing...feels nice to know that it's not going right for other people all the time either....I will hold onto that 'beautiful things' xx

  11. what ya talking about?...those cup cakes were fab.
    I think it's good to have a nothing holiday sometimes...especially when you are "peopled" out.

    Groovy song too.


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