Road Tripping...

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, July 22, 2012

On Friday the hubs and I went on a much needed road trip to Hamilton.

It was soooooo good to spend quality time together, relax, laugh and be refreshed.  I won't talk about the fact that we got lost twice... even while using the GPS for directions.

I will talk about the delicious macaron sampling that went on...

I will also show you this photo of my bag of sugared almonds, just to make you drool...

I loved the fact that Hamilton reminded me a bit of our home town Whangarei... it was probably the guy sitting next to us at the movies wearing socks and jandals that did it.

Topping of an amazing weekend was coming home, to chill with some of my lovely friends at our local posh restaurant...

And finding notes like this written by my darling 5 year old (she is obsessed with the song after seeing this advertisement)...

Yep, it was a great weekend!!!

p.s. big thanks to Mum and Dad for minding the kids and Boo. xoxo

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  1. Awesome Kristy!! how lovely to have some time away together.
    And the note is gorgeous!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend away and a delightful note to find from your girl. Always good to have a quality time with your man weekend. Had I known you were in town, I would have invited you for a coffee. Cx

  3. Awesome time together!! (even if Symon's drinking his milkshake through his nose!! ) hahahaha.. mmmmmmmm macarons...<3 yum! And that note is just gorgeous. :)
    Bless yas xxx

  4. macarons look lovely which shop did you get them in?

  5. Looks like a fun mini break together!

  6. we love the commercial! lol thanks for sharing!!!
    glad you were able to get away and enjoy time with your hubby! blessings, jurita

  7. bahaa...that note at the bottom is too cute!
    I forgot to did the macarons taste?

  8. I love Hamilton, especially the gorgeous botanical gardens - did you go? Glad it was a nice weekend away. xx


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