30 July 2012

Granny square blanket update...

With 66 squares made so far, I decided to lay out the squares for a look, and even start joining some together.

Then, for some random reason, I decided to try to take a photo of myself lying on the squares, and that's when Boo got involved and things got a little bit scarey...

I'm wondering if she got mixed up and thought it was her blanket (this is her own one)?

Really enjoying this project (minus the Boo slobber)!


  1. The blanket looks great. I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award.


  2. It looks great I love the way the colours contrast with the black

  3. I love Boo... even when she nibbles my toe. Stoked about granny squares!

  4. kristy! what method do you use to join your squares??? (i am in the process of making a blanket my daughter designed)
    love your colors!!!!

  5. Ellymay6:31 pm

    Love how the blanket is coming on, Mr Pj is going to love it, if Boo does'nt claim it first!!.


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