Break my Stride...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, July 23, 2012

I realise after yesterdays post, that some of you would have struggled to understand what my sweet 5 year old was trying to write, so just for you, here is the original clip, along with her own version of the song (while in dressing gown with Boo trailing after her).

This song has almost been our family theme song this year (just for fun), and despite what life throws our way, we've just got to keep on moving, or as my darling daughter writes, "I got to keep on mooveing".

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  1. Awesome - we love that ad at our place too! x

  2. oh adorable! What a good theme song!

  3. Aw, she's so cute!!! I especially like the hand up (stop!)
    Great theme song!

  4. So cute and it. I hadn't even seen the original so I am now enlightened! Cool song :-)

  5. Ellymay10:36 pm

    What a precious little girl, she has all the right moves and certainly can keep a tune x x

  6. Loving this song too!! Been searching for covers of this song on Youtube, and your daughter's is the best by far... you've got a future star there!!


  7. lol
    so good!!!
    love her spirit

    love and light


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