Weekending it...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, May 21, 2012

It was a good but also strange weekend...

Good in the fact that we missed having our car (and ourselves) smashed into by an out-of-control driver (ours is the white one and it was scary as we saw it coming right for us) but also strange, because not one of the people crowding around after the accident went to check if the poor old lady in the car was okay... so I used my recent first aid training and took control of the situation (while shaking like a leaf and praying like crazy under my breath).

First Aid training is awesome (and so it having a mobile phone with a camera).

It was a strange seeing one of my late brother's pieces of art being sold, and showing the nephew and nieces he never met, their Uncle Jamie's work.  Strange because I remembered it (he did 3 pieces that were similar, all painted on pieces of an old dresser), and good because the funds were going to an amazing cause.

Don't ask me what "The Owl Power" is either. 

It was a great weekend, as I saw the last of the loose ends of the Ugly Blanket Retro Blanket being tucked away, ready for it's edging and big reveal sometime soon (I still reckon it's rather ugly though).

It was strange finding Boo with her super-scary-sleeping-while-eyes-open face on.  She's usually really cute, but sometimes she pulls out this rather disturbing look while dozing, and frankly, it sends shivers down my spine...

See what I mean?

How was your weekend?

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  1. Wow very close glad you were all alright and good for you jumping into action. x

  2. Billiam4:28 pm

    I heart Boo! Everyone looks weird when they sleep sometimes... my wife for example...

  3. What a blessing for the lady that you were there to help her!!

  4. Yes I see what you mean (shiver) would not want to come across that face in the dusk!

  5. Oh Boo you make me smile!
    That poor old lady, so glad you were there to help Kristy, and that you guys and your car was safe.
    Cant wait for the blanket reveal!
    And I love the painting. Awesome.

  6. Ooh I love that blanket, can't wait to see the reveal!! xx


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