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By PaisleyJade - Monday, May 07, 2012

: :  Hello from the land of 'whew what a CRAZY yet awesome week last week was'
: :  Last week we learned (well, let's be real and say 'Symon' learned) that even though you think you've put your cellphone onto mute, it can still ring it's strange funky tune... while you are taking your first ever funeral.  Yep, embarrassing indeed (especially when he fumbled to turn the phone off and it rung a second time).  
: :  While talking about embarrassing moments last week, I can now join the list of women who have been asked if they're pregnant when they're not... rather funny at the time, but can play on your mind a bit later :)
: :  I love the weekend... just saying (especially Sundays).
: :  I know everyone says it, but seriously, where in the world do all of those missing socks go?  Is there some sort of vortex where they all go and live happily together?  I am sure that last week we lost at least 3 socks into the unknown.
: :  Wearing your belt around your head can make you do strange things (proof above).
: :  I'm really loving soup and fires and crochet blankets at the moment as the onset of Winter can be felt here in New Zealand.

: :  Boo has an eye infection and needs a trip to the vets.  I'm still planning on forcing one of our kids to become a veterinarian when they grow up so that we can save mega bucks (or the other options if they don't want to be a vet is a mechanic, dentist and electrician).  No room for big career dreams in our household!  JUST KIDDING... sort of.

: :  We have a birthday in the house in two days time... and Symon is on birthday cake making duties! 

: : Deep down I'm a real softy, and last week I found myself tearing up at some of the amazing acts of love I witnessed around about me.  Loving others and giving to others is so much more gratifying that being focussed on yourself.  

: : p.s. any theories on where missing socks go are most welcome...

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  1. Nice to read about your week. xx

  2. thanks for giving me a Monday morning giggle ~ I love your family lol

    And I too would love to know where the missing socks go too!!

  3. Anonymous7:58 am

    yeah i had to buy more socks this week too... somehow my son and husband have trillions of socks that never disappear but mine... into lost sock world... but i must say, loving my new socks... and the warmth they bring!!!!

  4. wow, I'm so relieved thad my missing socks aren't alone"... lol

  5. The sock question will be on my lips at the pearly gates. And the "pregnant pause" I reccomend to everyone is pausing to think before you ask if someone is pregnant! I've been the recipient of this social faux pas before. I laughed and then went home and burned that dress.

  6. It's kind of funny but really insulting at the same time! silly people who don't think before they say things. Hope you find the reason for the socks. I know what happens in our house ;) we have a little man who hides them in odd places... have a great week xo

  7. Welcome to the "preggy-not" club! hehehe (ouch)
    And really.... did they have their specs on?? cos you are the LAST person I'd ever mistake for being preggers!

    Love the photo.
    Love your funny cute and crazy list.
    Your life must be super duper hectic lately, so its REALLY NICE to see a snort-worthy post from PJ first thing on Monday morning!
    Now to get out of my PJs and go ready my house for playgroup...

    PS I am also very interested in the sock issue... It's a mystery

  8. Just letting you know... Being a vet = totally a big career!!! did you know that in NZ its harder to become a vet than it is a doctor? not only do your marks have to be higher, but there's only one university in the country that trains vets.... and they let less people in that most medical schools do.

  9. 10% of the socks at our place end up stuffed in couches, left in the car, outside and blown away after playing on the trampoline, dog eats them and the other 90% by alien abduction ;)
    pfffft pregnant!? were they blind??????

  10. Just so you know :: I miss you my lovely friend.
    And why on earth would someone think you are pregnant???
    I think I might get one of my kids to be a vet too... kitten needs her special little operation.

  11. Fun post! Have a great week :)

  12. Definitely a sock vortex - me thinks it is in the washing machine - pairs go in, singles come out.

    I'm totally into future planning for the kids too - we need to have all our bases covered

  13. Socks and pens. Where do all the pens go????

  14. Missing socks go behind the freezer and under the washing maching and into the laundry tubs cupboard - at least thats where I found all mine! No more odd pairs!

  15. Love that you share the crazy weeks with us.....and good to know these kind of weeks happen to us all!

  16. I think that the sock that is mostly folded INSIDE (when you fold them together) somehow morphs into a live thing with legs...which then hides in dark places... it moves from place to place, taking note of where you last looked and hiding there so you don't go back to that spot to look again. Sometimes you catch them off guard, and that's when you find them!

    Oh and I said "OH NO" out loud when I read the bit about Symons phone going off in the funeral....... hahahahaha SHAMO PASTOR D! :) lol

  17. Ellymay1:09 pm

    I know where the missing socks go they go to Soccer land, Ha Ha.

  18. and hair ties.....we never have hairties!

  19. I read once that the socks (and other small items) float in the washing machine, and during the rinse and drain portion of the cycle, some socks literally do get sucked away. I began putting socks in the lingerie bag with bras and they do not go missing! Good Luck though finding all the other ones your washing machine has already eaten.


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