Things I'm Loving...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, February 03, 2012

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

Loving surprises in the mail!  Check out this amazing Rainbow Cake trinket that Greta from On Top of a Lily Pad suprised me with!  I love it - and on top of that, the lovely Cat from Canada sent me over a birthday surprise (the package was lost in the mail system for 2 months!) of Canadian goodies. Mmmmmmm!  Thank you ladies so much - you made my week!!

Loving this photo of my Dad Surfing, taken by the amazing Mike (aka Micro)...

Have you noticed all of the photos I've been posting here recently with our house walls in the background?  That's cause I'm totally loving the parts of our house that have been painted (heaps of walls to paint yet... hint hint Symon).

Link Love:  Loving my friend Laura's new blog!  Loving free Adam Young music (Owl City).

Loving this - oh boy is it sooooo true (source unknown)...

Loving this... because thankfully it has been helping me lose the Christmas weight I gained. Peppermint Bark is evil people!

Finally, loving new babies.  My beautiful cousin has just recently had another precious baby boy called Asher.  So cute!

Here's how you can join in....
Link up below with your blog post telling us what thing/s you are loving, and don't forget to link back to here in your post (or use this button below) and visit the others who have joined in too. Linky open until Sunday!! 


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  1. Oh! So glad to be back with your link-up... It makes me happy to consider the little things. :)

  2. Ha, Ha - love that perception/reality thing -classic and the rainbow cake charm - cute!

  3. Presents are always exciting in the mail, even lost for two months! And the picture of mother and baby made me laugh. Had my little one in bed with me from 3am and the bottom picture is so him. Think I ma go write me a loving post.

  4. I have that active 2 game too and it really works! I hooked Simoney up with her one yesterday and feel like maybe I should dust my one off again when I'm not doing the gym thing. The dance games are great for working up a sweat too.

  5. SNAP!!! I see Meg has already mentioned my Active 2 game. Yep she hooked me up alright!
    Hehehe to Perception vs Reality!! {pet peeve = unrealistic stock photography}
    And aren't those Reeses Peanut Butter chocolates EVIL???
    Just as well we can't get those in NZ!!!

  6. Anonymous2:58 pm

    ahh holiday weight, it is an evil thing. easy to put on super hard to get off, good luck!i too am battling holiday weight, the treadmll and me are pretty close these days:)

  7. Presents in the mail are awesome - love the nail polishes! Lucky girl :)

  8. I love the photo of your Dad surfing. My husband goes a few times a year, just to make sure he still can. My No.1 son has mastered standing on a board. I can just picture my 3 sons heading off with their Dad for a surf in years to come. Cx

  9. How cute is that rainbow cake pendant! And that beautiful wee bubby!

  10. Loving your list Kristy!
    gorgeousness and loveliness!!
    Going to check out that wii game for sure!

  11. I love your list every week! What a cute pendant! And the goodies look delicious...well balanced with the fitness programme! Have a fun weekend there!

  12. Little divine. I laughed out loud when I saw the perception vs reality photo. I am living that particular scenario right now. The rainbow cake pendant is, of course, happiness on a chain. How delightfully lovely. Hope all is well in your corner of the world and that Symon keeps painting with fervour! Meredy xo


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