A Valentine Ode to My Cake Carrier...

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I discovered something rather funny the other day.  With the recent birthday celebrations, I started to realise that there was a certain person who is usually always carrying the birthday cake while I am taking the photos.

Yes, it's Symon... the official cake carrier.

So, with today being Valentines day, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write him a special poem...  my Ode to the Cake Carrier.

My dearest carrier of cakes, oh where would we be,
Without your superior cake carrying skills, and stability of hand and knee.

You are reliable, stable and strong every second of the day,
You can confidently balance most styles of platter, plate and tray. 

My darling, the one often in the shadow of the birthday star,
I wrote you this wee note, just so you know that you caught my eye from afar

I know that cake carrying takes a certain level of skill.
And while others may never notice you in the background, just be sure that your cake carrying skills make my heart stand still...

Happy Valentines Day Symon... from your loving and slightly crazy wife. 


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  1. I love this! It made me smile, big time.
    Great poem, and I love that your hubby is the cake carrier. What a great, thankless (usually, until the wife writes a poem about it and puts it on her blog!) task but an important one. I think it just shows how much he loves all the cake recipients and the cake baker/decorator!

    Happy Valentines Day :-)

  2. Oh PJ you crack me up!
    loved this
    big smiles

    Love and Light

  3. Your talents are never ending! Such a fun, sweet and gorgeous poem!!

  4. Nawwwwh!! so cute!

  5. Anonymous9:36 am

    very nice lol

  6. You're so cute! Hope you guys have a lovely Valentines :-)

  7. Hahaha awesome! Love it :)

  8. hahaha
    you are too funny
    (love the photos)


    Oh and you have LIED in this post.... where you may ask?
    The bit where you say "SLIGHTLY" crazy wife.....LOL That should read VERY crazy wife!! ;)

  10. Ha ha, I LOVE this! You tell Symon that he is the best cake carrier around:)

  11. LOVE this post (how did I miss it)??
    Symon the cake carrier


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