Weekending it with Fred...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, February 20, 2012

Somehow, in amongst a very busy weekend, Fred the Seagull ended up sneaking his way into our hearts as well as the big red fish bin that he now calls home.

It all started with our oldest boy seeing him get hit by a car on the busy main road outside our home. Symon and I were of course not too worried about another "rat with wings" (as Symon calls them) seagull being hit by passing cars, but after seeing it sitting in the middle of the road, with its little head poking up and looking at each car as it passed over top of it, we... well, lets say "I" forced Symon to rescue the poor thing.

As he carried it into the house, wrapped snugly in a towel, he calmly yet pointedly said to me, "this is your responsibility".

So, to cut a long story short, a long story which included Fred nearly getting pounced on by Barney the cat, Fred falling with his broken foot and wing into our back creek (we honesty thought he was well enough to be released again) and then Fred getting washed down the muddy pipes and having to get re-rescued from the busy main road again... well, lets just say that Fred is rather happy sitting in his little fish bin home, waiting for the Bird Recovery Centre to open it's doors at 1pm today.

In other news unrelated to Seagulls and fish bins, I discovered that a simple hula hoop can keep four children entertained for well over an hour.  I even found a smidgen of time on Sunday afternoon for a bit of crochet on the deck while I watched them play.

I also must add that these biscuits are so good!  Will be sharing the recipe tomorrow...

Yes, it was one interesting weekend.  How was your weekend?  Any bird rescues or hula hoop games going on at your place?

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  1. lol you guys and your menagerie!! :) Good on you though for saving that seagull! We had a similar experience once... we heading to Auckland... just coming over that hill before Orewa and it was a long weekend...traffic was mad and on the other side of the road was a cat obviously with broken legs possibly back laying awkwardly on the road with cars driving "over top" of it... it was freaked out, and even though it was crazy traffic time (this was before the bypass days)...I made Warren stop then we got out...I made him jump in front of the cars and stop them... and I wrapped a jersey around the cat and then after failing to find its owner, we took it to a vet clinic in Orewa....and it eventually got re-adopted and made a full recovery! :) I luv Animals ;)
    Oh...and those bikkies look lovely!! xxx

  2. Cute :) love your zoo xo

  3. That sounds like something I would do! We had a pet Currawong for a while - he came over to me while I was hanging out the washing one day, he was just a baby and was squawking for food. Of course I decided I had to hand feed him raw meat, he stuck around til he was an adult then. He came when his name was called, kept me company while I was building a fort (but did like to steal my paint brushes!) and even made friends with our cats (they would roll on their backs so he could scratch their belly with his beak!!) Birds are funny things!

    Rach x


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