♥ Weekend Bliss ♥

By PaisleyJade - Monday, November 21, 2011

Tonnes of weekend fun was had this weekend!  

Our local Playcentre held a Gala day which was awesome!!  There were heaps of games, goodies to buy and even pony rides and a petting zoo.  We manned the ticket stand together for most of the Gala, but also  had some time to check out the fun stuff.  The girls and I loved it!

This little girl kept squealing with delight for her whole pony ride.  It was her first time riding on a pony and she loved it!  p.s. I love the Lazy Day skirts - so easy to make!!

Hubby and I also went on a road trip on Sunday, as Symon was preaching at a church in a nearby town.  We discovered Burton coffee there, which Symon Burton thought was pretty awesome.

Check out the amazing New Zealand landscape.  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful country!!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Hello Kristy!
    I put the word out on my blog that I am moving to Whangarei next week and wondered if there were any knitters or crocheters in the area and Sophie Slim told me to come and hunt you down. So here I am and the first post I read has a beautiful shot of the Heads, wow, can't wait to get up there and would love to meet up and share some craft appreciation with you at some stage!
    Love Alice and Raymond XXX

  2. LOVE that ticket booth
    and yes!!!!!!!!!! we r truely blessed to live in NZ

    i had a good weekend thanks :)

  3. Ha snap - Gala, face painting, pony rides....sure was the nice weather for it. That picture reminds me a bit of where we used to live Coromandel - you never get tired of a good view.

  4. Looks like fun, The weather seemed perfect! Hurrah for New Zealand.

  5. Ellymay10:26 am

    It's great seeing what the PJ's family gets up to on the weekends, looks like the gala was loads of fun. Up North is just the bestest place to live x x Burton's coffee wow!!

  6. Aotearoa. *big big sigh*
    LOVE the photos of the grinning princess with the lamb and having a horse ride. Too. Cute. X

  7. awesome photos of an awesome weekend Kristy!

  8. I thought you were the Drake family!!! Or is he Symon Burton Drake? That sounds a bit like a poshy aristocratic Lord! Hehe. Loving that last little wave from the pony!

  9. swoooooon
    New Zealand
    one day I will lay my own eyes on you....
    and you too PJ!!!!

    love and light

    ps the weekend was spent just me and my little man...so nice!
    but I will be glad with medium man and big man get back form their weekend away

  10. Journo1019:43 pm

    P3 - Thanks for slotting in the Heads pic - not quite tears in the eyes but definitely felt the mana of being kiwi! Kia ora! ;) The weekend...heck, all I did was go to Sweden then Latvia. Just your average weekend travelling in Europe...meh.

  11. what gorgeous, happy photos :)

  12. That does look like a great way to spend your weekend... cute pic with your little girl on the pony, and I can just imagine the squeals of delight, very sweet.

    Also can't wait till I'm in northland next year.... its so gorgeous :)

    Oh and cute skirt!

  13. Beautiful country side!! I am going to have to attempt that lazy day skirt, too. I've just learned to sew, so maybe I can do it! ;)


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