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By PaisleyJade - Monday, November 07, 2011

This weekend was a full and busy one, but we enjoyed it and made the most of every moment. 

Our two boys spent a night away camping in the bush with their youth group.  I was slightly nervous, knowing that one of them tends to sleep walk, but they arrived home safe and sound having had a fabulous time doing tonnes of boy stuff (hunting possums, building huts to sleep in, staying up until 3 am).

Our youngest son won a prize for best baking and also made $5 carrying other peoples backpacks on the trip.  Here I was worrying about how he would cope with his own backpack!

While the boys were away, us girls made the most of our time together and spent time shopping, going out on coffee dates and relaxing.  Pure awesomeness I tell you.

During the weekend my Nan was rushed to hospital with heart issues, but thankfully is ok.  Times like this remind me of how precious grandparents are, and how important it is to keep in touch... so go and visit your grandparents this week ok?!?!

I'm now heading into two weeks of job training - and thoroughly looking forward to it!!  

I hope your weekend was fabulous too! xoxo

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  1. Lovely weekend. Enjoy your job training and congratulations. I have a very very part time job, that is family friendly and love it. Would love to know what you'll be doing. Have fun. Cx

  2. Girly time is the best! I will write to my granny this week as she lives in South Africa and so obviously I don't see her much (I live in England!) But writing to her has been on my to do list for months! x

  3. Awesome. And I agree about grand parents. Life is far too precious, we mustn't forget

  4. That looks like a cafe I havent tried? Which one was it?

  5. *sigh* if only my husband would listen to me re grandparents. I have none left and he still has one - and she lives in the same city as us.

    Lovely family/girlie time.

  6. Your girls are so pretty...their cakes look yummy too :))

    All Tne best with your job training!

  7. yay for your job training!! awesome.
    Lovely family weekend.
    Hope your Nan will be ok.

  8. Girls weekend! So fun! All the best with your job training. And thinking of your Nan. So scary!

  9. LOVE the girls weekend activities vs boys weekend activities :)
    Sorry to hear your Grandma wasn't well - scares like that are not cool at all. Hope she's recovering well xx


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