Family Lounge Renovation

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, December 31, 2022

On the eve of a New Year we have finally been able to complete another room renovation in our house, leaving only one more room to finish inside, along with painting the outside!

Because this is our second lounge to renovate (visit here to see our Formal Lounge renovation), Symon wanted to have creative control and boy did he have fun!

We kept to our usual colour scheme (see below for a list of  paint colours and where items were purchased from) but before we could paint the room there was an awful lot of dark navy wallpaper to remove and walls to plaster!

And this is the part where I let you all know that Symon is an absolute legend. Most of the hard work is done by him and I so appreciate it! Also, jandals and socks… what a vibe.

When we repiled this house, the walls in this room cracked badly, so you can imagine what a mission this room was to prepare.

This room is pretty much a thoroughfare room and quite awkward to design layout for with three walls with doors. Along with that, we didn’t have enough room in our budget for new couches or carpet. Our dream is to eventually have polished wooden floors in many of our rooms but until then, enjoy the progress so far!

Symon wanted a retro gaming room design where he could feature some of his favourite things like his Arcade Machine that he built a few years ago (visit here) and some old authentic cinema boxes that he found in a video store (originally from America) and lovingly restored as well as his fight stick he made (see here). He also could finally display his giant Lego Millennium Falcon (video of that awesome surprise here) and guitars.

This is one of the original rooms of our old bungalow (many additions have been added on over the years) and is a rather dark and cold room in winter but during the warmer months is a lovely cool and quiet place to relax in. Perfect reading or gaming room!

Here are a few before and afters…









The lights on the cinema boxes look so good at night!

Short room video tour here.

Room Details:
Walls = Dulux Half Haast with Okarito ceiling and trims.
Accessories = Black locker cabinet from NZ Locker Shop, plant basket from The Warehouse, Arcade Machine and Flight Stick made by Symon Drake. Authentic cinema light boxes made in America but purchased from an Auckland video store and lovingly restored by Symon. Cow rug from Trademe. Shelf handmade with brackets from Iron Moa.

To see more/all of our renovations, click here.

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