Farewell 2020!

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, December 31, 2020

If there was ever a year that people were eager to farewell, it would be 2020. Filled with a global pandemic along with many other memorable tragedies, most people seem desperate to welcome 2021 in. 

Despite this, there is so much I'm thankful for in 2020.

Keeping with my annual tradition of a year in review post, here's to 2020, the year many loved to hate, but also the year for our family that many great things took place.

The biggest event of 2020 for our family was our son's wedding on the eve of lockdown! You can read about it here, and see many of the beautiful photos here.  Such a special occasion during such a crazy year! 

Despite a big chunk of 2020 being spent in various levels of lockdown, a few adventures were able to be had both at the start of 2020 and in the second half. 

There were Roadtrips... 

Beach trips... 

And many waterhole trips... 

But the biggest trip being our trip to the South Island. Symon conducted the wedding for our awesome friends in Invercargill, then we spent a few days exploring Queenstown. Amazing adventure and so beautiful!!


A few things were made this year, and some still to be completed. 

My big project that was started in January 2020 was this Granny striped blanket. It's far from being finished (still only half way or less done) but I'm looking forward to working on it over my summer holidays! 

Other creations have included a crochet kindle cover for my husband (colours and design requested by... 

A Macrame Plant Holder or two... 

Delicious creations included Toffee Apples

Along with the classic Christmas cooking - things like Peppermint Bark and Christmas cake! 

It wasn't just me that got crafty in 2020, but my family as well. 

Love my daughters art... 

And love what my amazing guy creates. This was a special "fight stick" he made as a gift for our son for Christmas. You connect it to your pc to play retro games on. 

Symon and I also created our very own live show called "The Symon + Kristy Show", started during lockdown as a way to connect with our church family, but continued on due to high demand. Who knows if it will reappear in 2021, but it certainly was a fun thing to come out of 2020!

Apart from our biggest celebration of  the year (the wedding!) we had the usual birthdays etc that take place during a normal year, some being a bit different than usual, like our daughter's 16th birthday in isolation (Level 3). We made the most of it, and celebrated the best we could. 

Our eldest also turned 21, and had the best Murder Mystery Party to celebrate! 

Another celebration was our church releasing its first ever album Your Love Is Endless. Such an awesome album, and extra special having one of Symon's songs included. 

Available on all digital platforms! 

Our annual church Volunteer Awards meant some fun 70's dressups as well! 

And our Christmas celebrations were just as special as ever this year! 

This year our completed renovation list is sparse, with only one completed space recorded early on in the year, our Nook.

We love this little space but are thankful it isn't our only renovating that happened in 2020! As I write this we are on the verge of finishing our giant hallways - 3 in total that add up to the workload of at least 2 rooms. The renovation has been rather extensive including fixing cracked walls, replacing a rotten skylight, refitting doors and an awful lot of painting. With only a few minor bits to finish, it was a pity our hallways didn't make the 2020 completed renovation list, but I look forward to including the post about them in my 2021 renovation collections, along hopefully with our 2nd lounge.

There was a room restyle too for our daughter's 16th birthday. Still loving the desk and shelving Symon made for her room. 

I contribute to our local newspaper's "Perceptions of Faith" section occasionally, and this year's articles have included No Matter the Season, My Life as a Musical along with others. Always fun and a challenge to write for a completely different audience. 

So here's to a great 2020. So thankful for all the good things that have happened this year, and God's grace to get through the tough. Thankful to life in our amazing country of New Zealand and to have such precious friends and family. 

For the past couple of years I've recorded a 1 second snippet of each day, then make a year video of each second. Here's my year of 1 seconds for 2020

Here's to 2021, whatever it may hold. Walking into it with peace in my heart, as I know God is with me every step of the way. 

My best 9 from Instagram for 2020:

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