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By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, January 01, 2020

What do you do with a strange little space that used to be a doorway in your original 1920's bungalow? This was the question we had for a while. This little space sits in between our master bedroom and ensuite, and has no real purpose anymore, and because of this we were unsure of what to do with it. 

At first we awkwardly displayed some retro suitcases, then it was used as a space to store our giant litter box while we had kittens. We considered making a tiny desk space but in the end we settled on creating a reading nook with a bench seat and we love it!

Now one thing people usually don't think of when they see little renovated spaces is the time it still takes to renovate them. Even though the wall area is small, there are still 3 doorways and 1 window (that was rotten and need repairing as well) to prep and paint. So massive thanks to my amazing husband, who has slowly chipped away at this project when he's had time - apart from buying cushions, picking out bench seat fabric and attempting to cover the bench seat squab (massive thanks to my mum for saving the day when I miserably failed at this!) and telling him where to hang art, I haven't even lifted a finger with this space. It's been a labor of love and I'm so thankful.



This cute nook is visible from our dining room, so it's lovely to finally have this space looking nice.  I can't wait to grab a coffee and hide away here with a book! 

For a short before and after clip, visit here

Room Details:
Walls = Dulux Half Haast with Okarito ceiling and trims.

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