Lately (Summer holiday edition)

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, January 29, 2020

School begins tomorrow which means the school holidays are officially over. 

I always have mixed feelings when the school holidays are over - I love the lack of routine during the holidays, but by the time school begins I am so ready for it again. 

This year we only have 2 kids going back to school, so it feels so different! 

So with school starting tomorrow morning, here's a quick post in celebration of the summer holidays that have literally flown by! 

Things I've loved these holidays...

Relaxing! It's been so good to have a break and spend time with our family and relax...

Family trips together to the beach, our local waterhole, Auckland and more. 

Loving my family and watching them grow into beautiful young adults...

Loving being able to be creative again! The creative juices usually get flowing when on holiday. I'm hoping to keep it up throughout the year... 

Loving our goal to try to finish the inside of our house this year. Although that goal may be difficult to achieve with such a busy year in store, we are aiming to regularly do small renovation sessions throughout the week to keep us on task. 

Here's to an amazing year ahead, our eldest getting married, our next son studying, our girls both in highschool and many adventures ahead! 

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