My Life As A Musical

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, August 26, 2020

My family loves musicals. We love the classics like ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Les Misérables’, and we absolutely love our new favourite, ‘Hamilton’ by Lin-Manuel Miranda. ‘Hamilton’ is a stage-show that has taken the world by storm, especially since its release to digital streaming thanks to Covid19 shutting down the theatres. The thing I love most about musicals (apart from the music) is being inspired by other people’s stories. As I listen to the songs about their ups and downs, and how they persevered despite, I am inspired to live my own live with similar passion and grit.

The Bible says in Ephesians 5 to “Take full advantage of every day as you spend your life for his purposes.”


In this day and age filled with distractions like social media, streaming movies and more, it’s so easy for me to spend each day consumed with observing other people’s lives, that I forget to make the most of each day and fully live my own.  Rather than scrolling through Instagram and watching unlimited seasons of TV shows on Netflix, the Bible challenges me to take full advantage of each day and spend my life for God’s purposes, and not consumed with everyone else’s.


Basically, the way I live my life each day now, is the story that will be told about me when I die.  What type of musical would my life make, if it was retold to generations to come?  Would it be a story about me sitting watching everyone else’s stories while my own life passes me by, or would it be the story of me living my life to the full, no matter what my season of life looked like. I’m challenged as to how I live each day, if I think of the concept of my life as a musical to be retold to generations to come.


I don’t want to go through life enjoying observing everyone else’s stories so much that I forget to live my own story well. I want my life to be well lived and spent for God and not myself.


Your life musical might include stories of epic battles, highs and lows, or it may seem like the most mundane musical ever filled with songs like “honey, where is my other sock”, and “Mum, what’s for dinner tonight”, but whatever your daily musical soundtrack may include, may you live each day to the full, taking advantage of each day your life, and make sure you spend your life for God’s purposes.


Don’t waste this one life you have, no matter how exciting or dull your current season is. Take full advantage of each day.

This blogpost was adapted from a recent message I shared at Renew Church NZ.  You can view it here or listen to it here.

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