Farewell 2022!

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, December 31, 2022

Farewell December and farewell 2022!

December was a tough month as it included burying Symon's mum along with me injuring my back, then the family getting covid again! But there were so many beautiful moments throughout it as well, just like the year of 2022.

Highlights for the year included going to Wellington with my daughter Shemayah, our church thriving despite a tough season, Mykah graduating as a registered Nurse, amazing moments with friends and family, the best Christmas Production, finishing more renovations to our house, and Totoro coming into our lives.

I'm sure I've missed things but I’m going to keep this “1 second a day” daily snippet tradition I post monthly over on my instagram going as it reminds me every day to take a second each day and be thankful no matter what the circumstances.

To check out our one second of every day for a year video, visit here!

Happy New Year everyone!

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