By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It's time for a quick update on life lately!   With life there is always ups and downs and I've found a key to keeping my heart right in life is keeping a thankful heart, focussing on the good stuff God is doing in my life and the people and things I'm thankful for.  

So here we go!

I'm so thankful for celebrating Easter with my family - even if it's almost impossible to get a nice Easter family photo!  Check out my Easter post here if you missed it.

Loving friends and all the adventures that come along with each of them!

Loving this girl's creative makings...

Loving dressing up, whenever we get the chance (this was for a Star Wars themed event - so of course someone had to dress as a Star Trek character)... 

So thankful for celebrating 22 years married to my favourite guy in the world this past weekend!  We were blessed enough to be able to go away for a few nights (thanks Mum & Dad for having the kids, and to my Aunty & Uncle for letting us stay at their amazing beach house!).

Us as newly weds (babies at 18 & 21 years old!)...

We loved our time away - so relaxing!

Loving that we are finally getting back into renovations again (and when I say 'we', that really means Symon doing all the work while I dream up decor ideas and wait for my turn to paint).  This time we are working on our ensuite bathroom, and it has turned out to be quite a major job with a lot of rotten wood behind the walls!

Loving my hometown of Whangarei in New Zealand.  I love that you can drive for a few minutes and be in the bush, or the countryside with rolling hills and farmland, or at the beach, or sitting at a cafe next to the waters edge.  Such a beautiful place to live - so thankful!

So much to be thankful for!

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