10 Years of Blogging!

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, April 28, 2018

Today is my 10 year anniversary since I first started blogging (with this little post about fun themed meals)

Blogging was not something I had ever envisioned myself doing, but after reading a few blog posts written by other mum's about their everyday life as parents and sharing some of their crafting and cooking endeavours, I was inspired to give it a go way back in 2008.

Although I hardly ever blog now (thanks to life currently), I am so glad I did begin all those years ago. 

Thanks to blogging I've got a little journal of our family adventures, have a great collection of memories, makings and musings all stored away in one place for future reference (my girls often browse through them for a laugh every once in a while).  

Blogging highlights include attempting to make the infamous Rainbow Cake (thankfully it turned out pretty good!) and sharing a how-to when it came to making a Moustache Cake for my Dad's birthday. Also, sharing some of my story about walking through grief and loss - hard but also healing. I've also met some amazing friends along the way

For someone who never felt very creative, blogging has been such a fun creative journey, being inspired by others and then giving creative projects a go. 

So here's to 10 years of blogging through the ups and downs of life, including burnt cakes, parenting failures and crafting flops... this little space is like an old photo album and diary filled with years worth of precious stories and memories.

Happy 10 years. 

P. S. I'm super keen to hear when you first started visiting this space?! 

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  1. I have followed you since about 2011,2012 when I started my blog. My one regret is deleting my old blog completely. I started a new one but could have and should have kept my own one if anything to reflect and look back. Oh well never mind :) You live and learn xxx Thank you for sharing snippets of your life over the past decade xxx

  2. I have been following your blog since 2011ish. Found you from another crochet / craft blog (which I can't remember) and have been following your fun antics since. Tried a few of your recipes, all good! The "healthy" bran muffins are a frequent in this house.


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