28 April 2008

Fun Themed Meals

In an effort to bond more as a family, we have created some little cards with themed dinner ideas on them. Each of the kids has a turn at picking one out that they like... and then when I get the time, we make a night out of it! So far we have had a Pizza Night - making our own pizzas... a Mario Party themed dinner - mushrooms, oshi eggs, star cakes etc, and a super heroes dress up dinner. Heaps of fun and the children really enjoyed it.
 Making the pizzas... the best part!

Super kids!

See here for more fun themed meals!


  1. Look how little Keke is in this pic....and no one left a comment....my how things have changed. Way to go on your blogging! One day you'll be writing a book..I'll be first in line to get an autographed one :)

  2. oooooooh look at your baby!!

  3. Oh my!! Look at your little people!!! Amazing. I love that card idea too... your blog started with a hiss and a roar! (still one of my all-time favs too!)

  4. cool! Do you have photos of the Mario party? We've just got a Wii and downloaded Paper Mario, it's very cute.


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