Jesus and the Easter Bunny

By PaisleyJade - Friday, March 30, 2018

When I think of Easter, so many wonderful images and memories come to mind.  I think of chocolate, bunny rabbits, Jesus, the Cross, yellow fluffy chickens, going to church and who can forget the annual arrival of hot crossed buns to the supermarket bakery section!  I also have a few other not so great memories that come to mind, in particular, the fact that around Easter time every year as a child, I was usually too sick with asthma to be allowed to eat chocolate, so instead (much to my dismay) I was given carob as a chocolate substitute.  Carob never did quite match up.

When I was young, most people knew that Easter was a time where we remembered the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and enjoyed a few chocolate eggs on the side.  Today though, Jesus has become more known as a swear word than one of the most revolutionary and life changing people to impact humanity.  

Jesus was not just an ordinary man, He was God in human flesh, and He came to earth with a very special purpose.

From the very beginning of time there has been a fight, and right up until Jesus came to earth there was no way to find permanent freedom from sin and shame.  There were many laws and religious observances that were temporary attempts to cover over, but there was no permanent solution… our efforts to find forgiveness as humans were hopeless to say the least.

Then something amazing happened… God being the genius that He is, totally took the world by surprise with one of the most mind-blowing and sacrificial acts… He sent His very own Son to earth to live and show His heart of love (reveal who God really is to the world) and then to die a shameful death that He did not deserve (He lived a sinless life), to take our shame and sin upon Him and conquer death, rising again and providing a way for us to get back to God.

That was an act of pure love – and shows us how keen God is to make a way for humanity to find hope and freedom.

So this Easter, while children get excited at the generosity of the Easter Bunny bringing baskets of chocolate eggs for them to devour, I’m going to be totally overwhelmed and thankful at the most loving and generous God who gave more than we could ever ask, so that He could purchase freedom for us – not only freedom from eternal suffering (because God wants no one to perish) but freedom from shame, freedom from sin, freedom from fear, freedom from addictions, freedom from depression & anxiety, freedom from hopelessness and so much more. 

The awesome thing is that salvation is a free gift – you can’t pay for it and you can’t earn it by being good – all you have to do is come before God as you are, acknowledge you need forgiveness and receive the free gift that Jesus purchased for you.  You no longer need to carry the burden of guilt and shame.  Through what Jesus accomplished on the Cross, you are washed clean from all shame, regret and sin and are given a fresh chance.

"For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Whangarei has so many amazing churches - why don’t you find a church near where you live and celebrate along with me this Easter?

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