By PaisleyJade - Friday, December 14, 2012

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening
in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... 
no matter how simple it is.  

Looking on the bright side this week - there are so many things to be thankful for...

Loving pocketfule on Instagram - really love their inspirational pictures and words...

I know I've said it before, but loving my Game Boy phone cover - I'm a retro girl at heart...

Loving free coffee!  I recently won a years worth of coffee through Coffee General!  If you live in NZ, I'd highly recommend ordering your coffee online via these guys - so yum and great service (visit here)!!  

Loving that my boys were crazy enough to go to the midnight screening of The Hobbit.  Pretty cool when your country is first in the world to see movies huh?!?

Loving doing one of our Christmas family traditions... visiting Christmas lights!

Loving my hubby - he's been so tired lately that he just falls asleep all the time during the afternoon... so I've taken to documenting his naps via instagram using #symonnapping (and #husbandnaps so you can all join in too).

Finally, loving a wee girl who knows what she likes.  This little one finally got to spend her pocket money, and all she had ever wanted was a safe... so that's what she got.  At the moment her two snuggly cloths are locked away in there (just in case someone was going to try and steal them!).


Joining up with other people's loving here

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  1. That is so cute...the 'safe' thing..love how their little minds work. And hope that you and hubby can get some much needed down time over the Christmas break to refresh body and soul. Your gameboy cover is well cool, I'm waiting for a VW van one to turn up for my Christmas stocking! xx

  2. Wombat sleeps in totally random places all over the house ALL. THE. TIME. I'm always taking pix of him having fallen asleep somewhere. At the table as he's just about to colour in zzzzzz
    Collapsed in haphazard positions on the lounge floor zzzzzz
    All rugged up in a chair in front of the tv watching Phantom of the Opera zzzzzzz
    I think I feel a picture post coming on! :)

  3. love that you are documenting hubby's naptime;) he's like your big baby:)

  4. I might need to try one of your coffees first before I switch online providers. ;)
    Looking forward to seeing the lights around town

  5. The safe is awesome!!!! I love your Gameboy phone cover too! I have a cassette tape one I got from Christmas last year that I absolutely love!!!!

  6. lovely
    so lovely

    and wow
    little Miss is growing up K!!!!
    not so little girl anymore!

    love and light

  7. Love the phone cover!
    We are looking forward to doing Christmas lights here in the USA, got a glimpse last night and they are everywhere!!

  8. Great list...not sure which is my favourite...sleeping husband( I have one of them on my couch too) or the looks on your guys faces while looking at Christmas lights. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  9. Christmas lights round our way just aren't interesting enough to merit a drive round. There are houses with strings of lights around the outside but that's about it!

    Your youngest is so adorable!

  10. That phone cover is awesome! and I just love that your daughter wanted a safe, so cute.


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