Holiday Catchups!

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, December 20, 2012

One of the fabulous things about Christmas holidays is the opportunity to catch up with precious people that you don't see too often, like the lovely Anya and beautiful Becky (although I do see Becky quite a bit, but you know what I mean aye).

With 8 kids in total and 3 adults hanging out for a good catchup, it was time to pull out the Christmas goodies that had been secretly stored in the back of the fridge (away from prying eyes and poking fingers) and enjoy some good chinwagging.

Mmmmmmm, Peppermint Bark, Truffles and Peppermint cupcakes!

Most of the kids (being forced to take a photo before they are allowed to eat)


Look at this cute wee man of Anya's hanging with Boo...

Awwww, and look at these cute friends posing nicely for the camera...

Yep, I'm officially loving the holiday season (and my crazy friends)!

p.s. Symon just told me that this is such a boring post, and he'd love it if I had pictures of sharks and things.  Sorry babe - if you want sharks, go here.

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  1. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Kristy I think this is a perfectly interesting post without sharks :) Made me smile a lot.

  2. It's not boring at all!! Love seeing you beautiful girls having laughs together!!
    Miss you Becky and Kristy! And hope to see you again soon Anya!

  3. hahaha... what is it with Men and Sharks? I asked Warren what the weather guy looked like last night and he said "A shark" .. lol I asked Asher today "what was that noise in the bathroom" and he said "A shark"..??? lol

    I loved the post anyway. The crazy cat paw pictures were funny... Anya's looking great and so are you and Bex <3

    Happy holiday season and Jesus Birthday my lovely friend. Thank you for all of your awesome prayers and support this (trying) year! Love lots xxx

  4. You crazy girl! Love it!

  5. Looks like a fab day! Happy Christmas!!


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