Christmas Prep... take 1

By PaisleyJade - Monday, December 03, 2012

It's December the third, and tonight I decided it was about time we started to get into the Christmas spirit as a family.

Life has been busy lately... super busy and rather stressful.  Our family needed some special time together - and here's where I envisioned a perfectly sweet evening together, putting up the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music and sipping on creamy eggnog.

Firstly, on pulling out the Christmas decorations from the shed, we discovered that rats had decided to shred some of our baubles to use the fabric for making their nests.

*record scratch sound here*

I tried to encourage the kids to sit at the table and fill out Christmas cards for their teachers, with a candy cane inserted in each envelope.  The twink (correction fluid) was needed urgently, then it was spilt over the table.

Then I read one of the cards... 

"Dear Mrs ............, You have been a great teacher aid teacher this year.  
Your job must be hard doing the same thing over and over every day
but we thank you for doing it."

I really hope she doesn't get depressed after reading that.


There were loud grizzles for a candy cane each, and after I gave in, there was random dancing on the  top of the couches, rolling around the floor and shrieks from one very sugar over-dosed certain 5 year old child.

*deep sigh*

There may have been a bit of yelling.  I may have been one of the ones yelling.  We may have realised that all the windows of the house were wide open while the yelling had been taking place. There may have been one very embarrassed mother after that discovery was made.

*red face*

The tree was finally put together, the "un-eaten-by-rats" decorations hung by two amazing little helpers.  I restrained myself from re-decorating the tree (I'll do it tonight while they're asleep).  The eggnog was made and the family photo was taken.

I'm so glad that Jesus was born in a normal everyday manger, where animals were making noises, things were probably spilt, and there may even have been some naughty rats around.  I'm so glad He understands what real life is like... and He's okay with that.

Life is crazy, but it is good.  I love my family (and I'm praying our neighbours still love me).

*warm heart*

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  1. Haha! Oh man snap!
    We made special drinks tonight and sat around the table and read the 1st Chapter of Luke.
    There were inappropriate jokes made, tears, moaning, laughing while reading and lots of telling off

  2. I'm sure it was appreciated in someway. Somehow. Sigh :)
    P.s I'm actually dreading pulling out our tree *shudder

  3. ha ha ha I laughed out loud at the message in the card - so awesome!! Hope tomorrow is more relaxed - the more responsibility we take for sharing the 'big messages' the harder it probably is to find Sabbath rest at the really important parts of the calendar. thinking of you guys xx

  4. BTW - one of my fav women preacher's said in one of her sermons a while ago her son (21) missed a plane she had bought him a ticket for because he was late and she was giving him a total dressing down including a few choice words at a high volume when he finally managed to let her know the phone was stuck on speaker and he was at the airport with some family mum's advice was always to say to herself in these moments 'this will be funny in a few weeks'

  5. Awww PJ this totally gave me goosebumps. LOVE it. LOVE that picture. love your words about Jesus being born in a "Real manger... with noise and rats around..."
    Love it.
    Wanna link this up to my Christmas linky (or shall i do it for ya, cos this needs to be read by lots of us mums at this time of the year - I love how you keep it real. beautifully awesomely REAL.)

  6. cute pics.
    Love the card message. Too funny!
    Ah yes the yelling. I think I be on the picket line at school with a sign...stating "Keep my kids for the holidays PLEASE!" Not enjoying the fighting at the mo.

  7. I can relate to this post Kristy, yep, especially the yelling, and I'm sure your neighbours will still love you, because you are you, and keepin' it real :)

  8. Awesome post. Nothing is more entertaining than real life. The last three photos made me laugh out loud. You guys are awesome. x

  9. You are so refreshing and funny:) Love this post!

  10. Brilliant. I love hearing about other peoples real stories. :o)

  11. Love your eggnog pics!! Super cute!!

    And know that we are all in the same boat of craziness!! :-)


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