Shy guy...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, August 25, 2008

I had a little date this afternoon with a very special little guy.

Have you ever seen newborn birds in their nest, mouths wide open, loudly trying to get the mother birds attention to be fed? The loud demanding ones are the ones who get the food... the quiet ones often go without.

This little guy is our quiet one. He hardly ever complains, he is very satisfied, and he is hardly ever demanding... and he often can miss out.

In a loud, busy family there are always needs and demands being made. I find as a mum that I am constantly moving from one demand to another, meeting everyone's needs. Then often I will notice this little guy in the background. He is happy, he is content... but he still needs some special attention once in a while.

Well Mummy and him went on a special outing to the library - just us two. We ordered a hot chocolate each and something yummy to eat. We also picked a couple of food magazines to browse through together (he looooooves anything about food) and just had time alone... just the two of us.

Would you believe he is actually a very funny little guy and really comes out of his shell when it's just the two of us. He has deep scientific insights too, the sort of things I would often miss... like how the frothy milk swirls around and around in his drink... and deep questions like "Mummy, why did God make smokes?".

Precious moments - I think I will keep an eye on the shy guy a bit more from now on.

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  1. Anonymous10:50 pm

    awww what a sweet moment to share! We rarely divide and spend time alone with each child, even though we really should!

  2. Anonymous5:15 am

    what a sweet story :)

    'designing your life'

  3. That is so awesome!!!
    I love his grin.
    He must feel extra spesh after that.

  4. good times kristy! it's also the quiet ones who can be the most rowdy when they come out of their shell...

  5. Great stuff Kristy! He has such a gorgeous smile! - a good reminder for me to set aside some time to have another coffee date with Miss4!

  6. he wasn't seen imitating a contractor by putting a smoke up to his mouth was he? LOL

  7. Lol Jase. He could be like Jon i thought he was quiet till i got to know him..


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