A little boy called Steven Zimba...

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There is a special little boy that lives in Africa, who is a part of our family too. His name is Steven Zimba, and he is our sponsor child.

Our lives are pretty much as opposite as you could imagine... Steven lives in Africa for starters, he comes from a very poor family and one of his favourite delicacies is caterpillar relish! But we also have a lot in common. Steven loves life, enjoys soccer and other outdoor games, and has a strong faith in God.

We have learned a lot as a family thanks to Steven, especially when the time comes to write him a letter. We are encouraged as a sponsor family not to talk about things we own, material possessions and stuff like that. Sometimes (I sadly must confess), it is hard to think of things to write about... the weather... the weather... the weather?? The kids also have to think deeper than their latest Nintendo DS games or their excitement about a new toy or tv programme. They are challenged to think about the more important things in life, and to think about othe people in other countries who do not have the blessings that they have. They are challenged to give up a tiny bit in order to bless someone greatly.

So thanks Steven Zimba... (although you will probably never read this), you have helped us as a family to think about others, to be grateful for what we have, and to realise that no matter what our situation, there is always a little bit more that can be shared with others.

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  1. We have a sponsor child called Paul Paulo. Olivia calls him our sponsor-it child. She is always very serious when World vision ads come on and then we usually talk about why we sponsor Paul. I should start writing too ....

  2. Anonymous7:26 am

    It's amazing how much more people have sometimes when they seem to have less.

  3. Very good initiator of thankfullness, that's for sure.


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