Marble Bags

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, August 07, 2008

It is quite weird when your children get into things you used to be into as a child... like marbles. I remember playing marbles at school - they were the latest craze (back then). My brother and I had the special added benefit of our parents owning a toy shop, which meant we had the coolest marbles too.

Well, the three oldest now have little marble collections (thanks to Poppa letting them each choose some marbles from his prized collection), and each wanted a marble bag. I have never ever sewn marble bags before, so was quite pleased with myself a couple of nights ago when I whipped up three within an hour!

Does anyone else have memories of playing marbles when they were young? Mandrake and I were trying to remember all the different names for the different marble types... galaxies, peewees... does anyone remember the other names?

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  1. I was Raumanga Intermediate's marble king! In fact I might comment further by writing a blog about it...good times indeed. BTW Swirlies were my favourite by far, if they came in Peewee, Dutchie or Grandfather Dutchie size they were even more sought after. Anyone who actually bought their marbles from a shop sadly lacked the spirit behind the game. Marbles won mano on mano were truly to be prized.

  2. Yeah les knows it well, you won them or you went without.

    I still have like 3 shoeboxes full of some pretty darn rad marbles from days of old if you want them for your kids? The only use they could possibly have for me now is an air rifle that could take oversize ammo. Imagine the possums you could kill with those in your gun.

  3. I LOVED marbles... it's part of every kiwi kids history!!
    Love the bags, what a great idea! Beats an ice cream container which I recall keeping mine in!

  4. Thanks Les for those names... I remember dutchie's and grandfathers!

    Jon dylan... the kids would think all their Christmas's had come at once... unless you should keep them for your kids oneday!!!??

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  6. yep I played marbles too, we use to swap them all the time.

  7. Hahaha my kids. Good one.

    I can bring them for you on sunday if you want.

    Wow talk about memory lane going through them all. Grandaddies, galaxies, bonks, peewees, 'betty spaghettis', steelies, milkies and those lame ones no one ever wanted to play you for. Good times!

  8. My Dad had plastic ones when he was at school... during the great depression?? - nah - in the 50's and 60's... and he said they also made their own ones out of clay and roasted them in the fire!

    jon dylan... the boys will be super keen for church on Sunday!!!

  9. Never did get into marbles....must be one of the few. But roller skates, now theres a sport!

  10. I had a marble collection in a bag which was a pink clown. Ah yes those were pretty fun days, except I did slip on a marble at school once and skinned my knee. I didn't like marbles after that.


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