December Festivities!

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Let the Christmas festivities begin! 

For some strange reason (which may actually be because my birthday is at the end of November), I restrain myself (and my family) from any hard core Christmas celebrations until the first of December... Then it's all go! 😂 

I had a lovely low key birthday this year (thanks mum for the spontaneous 'low key' surprise family celebrations! haha) which included working on my birthday but still making time to grab a lovely lunch with my hubby. I was spoiled by my family and friends with lovely gifts and cards (thanks you guys!!).  Feeling super blessed!

We've had staff and school end of year dinners and an awesome Volunteer Appreciation night we organised to thank all the volunteers that serve at our church. We had so much fun and already are thinking about how to make next year's one even better! So love and appreciate all our amazing volunteers. 

Our awesome church staff, oversight team and spouse's... 

As soon as December rolled around, it's been straight in the Christmas celebrations with eggnog drinking and Symon arriving home with a real Christmas tree (which I am currently trying desperately to keep green and fresh!).  Any tips glady accepted BTW! 

We moved straight into the Christmas movie watching thanks to the cheesy Netflix Christmas movies and Symon dragging out his classic favourite, The Christmas Story (insert eyeball rolls from the kids here). 

My Christmas mix Spotify Playlist has also been dusted off. It's a random mix of old classics and new hits - feel free to have a listen here

We are still working hard on renovations with our ensuite nearly finished as well as our bedroom half painted. Can't wait to show you more soon! Sneeky peek here... 

Have an amazing December people. Remember to breathe in amongst the craziness, take time to stop and notice people, and don't forget who the party prep and celebrations are for... ♥️

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