By PaisleyJade - Sunday, November 18, 2018

It has been way too long since I've posted an update on life lately around here!  It's not even December yet and things are feeling way too busy.

There is so much to celebrate over the past month.  Here are some of the highlights for our family... 

Our son Mykah recently celebrated his birthday, which included a trip down to Armageddon Expo in Auckland. The boys both went in cosplay... and the girls and I enjoyed watching people recognise who they were dressed up as. 

Highlight of the trip was getting to meet Rhys Darby and hear him do a live reading from his new children's book!

Speaking of cosplay, there has been occasion lately for a few fun dress ups. Some of the dress ups included Jem (from Jem & the Holograms), a Bay Watch lifeguard, the Bearded Lady from The Greatest Showman, Sebastian from La La Land and Jean Valjean from Les Miserables. So much fun! 

I'm loving my church connect group so much! It's not every day you get to hang with such amazing people and do one of your favourite hobbies at the same time. 

The crafty bug has also worn off on Symon! Can you believe he attempted his first ever cross stitch and nailed it?! So proud. 

In the pet world, my parents recently adopted a special little guy from the SPCA who they've names Ollie! He's had a bit of a rough start, but is in the best home to receive heaps of love. He's so cute! 

And our Ripley is pregnant! We are looking forward to Ragdoll kittens just before Christmas. Prepare yourselves for a tonne of fluffy cuteness. 

It's been 1 year since Symon's Dad suddenly passed away. Some of the family gathered to unveil his headstone and share precious memories.  He leaves such a precious legacy. 

Symon and I took a road trip to Auckland to minister at our friends church, and catch up with some of their amazing youth leaders. My gorgeous friend Annika had only just had surgery, so I felt very spoiled to be able to catch up with her. She blogs about her journey here if you are interested! 

I love my family and are so thankful for the fun and laughter in amongst the busyness and sometimes difficulties of life. Keep a thankful heart and embrace the season you are in. Each season has its own gold... You just sometimes have to go digging! 

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