24 July 2017

Mustard Granny Square Blanket

I am so excited to have finally finished my Mustard Granny Square blanket - or more fondly named, my Mustard Granny.  This is my 11th crochet blanket!  Pretty crazy huh?

This blanket has taken me a while due to busyness of life and also half way through the project my local yarn store ran out of my mustard yarn!  I was horrified, my husband was so happy (he really doesn't like mustard) but thankfully a few weeks later they restocked the beautiful mustard colour and I was away again.

I joined the squares as I went which made the project a lot more enjoyable being able to change from making squares to joining them when things felt a bit mundane.

People often ask me how I join my granny squares.  This is the method I use thanks to Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mikes.  She has instructions and a video here and it's the easiest and best looking type of join in my opinion.  Thanks so much Pip!

I decided to make it more of a snuggle/throw size rather than a full bed blanket size and I love it!  I was so excited when I had finished the blanket that I asked my amazing husband to take a few classic funny photos of me holding the blanket (I usually have a cheesy photo of me holding my creation for my blog posts) but much to my horror (and gradual amusement) he was actually taking a video. Check it out here, saucey poses and all.

I love it and can't wait to either use it as a bed throw when we renovate our master bedroom, or a reading blanket in our lounge.

I'm not sure what crochet project I'm going to work on next, but one of my girls already has a million ones lined up for me in the mean time.

To check out my other finished crochet blankets, click on the photos below...



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  1. It's gorgeous! Well done!

  2. You inspired my crochet projects even so many years ago! I LOVE everyone. What is your favorite way to connect squares? just curious...

  3. Thanks so much JuRita!! My favourite way to connect squares is the method I mentioned in this blog post - so easy and looks great!


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