85 years old!

By PaisleyJade - Monday, June 26, 2017


My amazing Nan turned 85 years old today!  My "June Nan" is my last remaining grandparent, and is a super special one at that.  She is sweet, caring and artistic.  She also is an amazing cook, clever gardener and has a cheeky sense of humour.  Most of all I love her faith in God - which shines through her to everyone she meets.  I am also super thankful that she taught me how to crochet!

I am so thankful to have June Nan in our lives - my children love her to bits and especially enjoy playing Rummikub with her.

This year for her 85th birthday we (my Mum, Aunt and myself) put on a "High Tea" afternoon tea for some of June Nan's close friends.

This was our first ever time at putting on a High Tea, but it was a wonderful success with everyone raving at how beautiful and delicious the spread was.

Our delicious treats included slices, lamingtons, licorice truffles, coconut ice, cupcakes, butterfly cakes, mini mince pies, grapes, persimmons, scones with jam & cream, chocolate eclairs, club sandwiches, asparagus rolls and salmon on french bread.

I discovered a wonderful little bit of history while admiring the many tea cup sets on display - my Nan had actually been asked as a young woman to paint a picture of Mt Manaia and it was then reproduced on royal bone china in England! Pretty amazing huh?!

Nan is now looking forward to her 90th.  Love you June Nan!!

To see our secret surprise party for Nana's 80th, go here.

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