The Cupcake Escape!

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yesterday I took part in an exciting cake decorating workshop with blogger friends from Auckland and Whangarei, organised by the lovely Simone from over at Greatfun4kids and Sandra from Kiwi Cakes.

We had so much fun and learned so many great tips to do with making icing, decorating cakes and cupcakes, different types of ingredients, fondants and other great products available.  I have definitely been inspired after spending a few hours testing out the different products and also understanding why I previously have had different issues when it comes to icing cakes and cupcakes!

We had heaps of laughs too!  A massive thank you to Sandra from Kiwicakes for hosting us - she is a super generous person (you might remember her from here when she gifted me these awesome goodies!) and is full of baking wisdom!  Check them out online, or pop into their store in Kamo, Whangarei.  They do hold regular workshops as well so check them out on their website or on Facebook to see what's happening.

These are some of the cupcakes I made... I even made a special "golden torso" cupcake for my husband just for a laugh!

Such fun!

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  1. Awesome, looks like so much fun!

  2. Oh looks amazing, so gutted to miss out but hopefully if there is a next gathering I can make sure I am there!

  3. Aw... you didn't write about out "night out" lol ;) xxx

  4. Fantastic!!! It was so fun aye? x

  5. What an awesome experience - I did one of these a year or so back and loved it! Wish I'd been able to come and hang out with you all!

  6. Lovely! That would have been so much fun!


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