Laundry Renovations

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, January 24, 2015

Years ago we bought a very old & tired home that needed everything done to it... and many years later (8 to be exact) in amongst life with 4 kids, we are nearly finished!

I cried when we first moved in - I'm not a visionary like my husband who can look at an old house and overgrown section and see a beautiful property with an awesome renovated bungalow... I'm a maintainer, and all I could see was mess, work and more work.  I was also heavily pregnant with our 4th child, so maybe some of those pregnancy hormones were involved with the crying too... but finally the work has paid off!

This laundry room used to be the enclosed back porch of our bungalow.  Our washing machine and dryer were in with our kitchen (renovation post here) and this back porch was where we would sit, the kids would play and once we even kept some lambs we were babysitting in it!


The bearded visionary behind it all...

Here are the after pics!  Symon did all the hard work and lots of painting, and I did a heap of painting and the decorating.  We love this space!!  

Yaaaaay for laundry and ironing! (wait... did I just say that!?!?!)

Hopefully I'll get around to posting some of the other "before and afters" of our house.  To check out some of our other renovation projects, go here.  

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  1. Love love love it! Most gorgeous laundry! It has inspired me to give ours a spruce up!

  2. Lovely space. Your balloon dog is super cute.

  3. So nice!! Love it!!! Well done you guys :-)

  4. Looks beautiful PJ!

  5. I love how you have changed the tired old orange bungalow into a modern, light and happy space! It's beautiful!

  6. Anonymous9:22 am

    Well done you guys! Looks awesome. =D

  7. It's SOOOO cute and cool and so very YOU. Love it xxx

  8. This looks amazing!!!!!


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