Daddy Daughter Date

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, August 17, 2014


The Bearded One had made a promise a few weeks back (during the school holidays) to take his girls on a Daddy Daughter date.  The weeks had come and gone and still no date had happened.

Finally the moment was grabbed and the 3 of them had a wonderful time.

It's so important as parents that we take time out with our kids, to really listen, talk, and listen once again. Life goes by so fast - yes, the days are long,  but boy do the years fly by. 

Apparently Symon had his ear talked off (poor guy) but I know good memories were made. 

Time out with your kids doesn't need to be costly - just making the time to listen and focus on these wee precious souls is what's important, as well as making memories. Making memories together gives a sense of belonging - essential to a healthy family.

This Daddy Daughter date was a $21 date. A pretty good price for 3 people and a lot of fun... 

Shared bowl of hot chips at Fat Camel $6
3 sundaes at Kiwi Yo $11
2 pots of pansy flowers for the girls to take home ($2 each) 
Walk to Parihaka Summit (free)

A pretty good price for a priceless morning with his girls!

These things just sometimes need to be made to happen, as life has a way of squeezing the important things out by demanding that the urgent (yet sadly not always the most important) take priority.  I dare you to do it - reassess what is important in your life, and make sure that it is nourished.

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